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Do "free gift" sites really work?

Our most popular sites are those which offer free gifts for trying our advertiser promotions. You may have seen many on the web that claim to offer such items for free and brush them off, but we're the real deal. Over the last four years, we have given away over $7,500,000 worth of items to users all around the United States and Canada and continue to send ten's of thousands more each week. It's not just small items either, but rather iPods, Computers, Flat screen monitors, video games, video game systems, and more.


It is not a pyramid or MLM scheme as there are multiple ways to earn your items and we NEVER ask or require you to pay us or another user to receive your item nor are you forced to rely on referrals

The way it works is that we work with companies that are looking to obtain new customers. For each new customer we send that tries out their product or service, they compensate us. In turn, we provide the bulk of the compensation back to you in the form of your chosen gift as a Thank you for using our site. Our offers include over 100 different options and include free trials, newspaper subscriptions, winning auctions, and making a purchase. It's stuff you do everyday anyways, why not receive something for it!


Even after hearing that's it still not uncommon to have skeptical users as there is the old adage, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" question the real motives. Is it..

    - Someone looking to spam me?
    - Someone looking to steal my information?
    - Someone looking for my credit card?
    - A malicious virus or spyware program to track me?
    - Only a couple of each item being given away leaving everyone else in the cold?

The answer on all of those is NO.

- We don't spam you. The only emails we send are those telling you the you have a new update to your account or that your item has been ordered and shipped.

- We don't sell, lease, or market ANY personal information or maintain mailing lists to provide you with desired ads. We figure if you want that stuff, there are plenty of other places to get them.

- Membership is completely free and bears no obligation. We have no interest or desire in your credit card information and never ask for any of that information.

- There are no virus, spyware, or software downloads on our sites.

- Everything is set up and presented to you upfront. There are no limits on how many items we are giving away. Complete the simple requirements and the gift is yours! The process is very quick too, most users receive their gifts within 10 days of ordering!


Sure, if you are interested in looking at some of the testimonials of others who tried us out and earned gifts, you can check out our company site at www.trainn.org/reviews.php or by searching any search engine and looking up "Transcendent Innovations Proof" or "Trainn Proof" (Trainn is a nickname combining the first three letters from each name).


You can check out our company site at www.trainn.org for a complete list or any of the links below for more information.



After you've checked out our site, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We pride our selves on providing tremendous service and will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have.

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