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And then there were eleven....

Our latest site, 360elite4free.com has just launched and features the newly released Xbox 360 Elite system, some fantastic bundles, and the delectable cash option!

"...but don't you already has a site for the Xbox 360?"

Yes, we do and it's quite popular (our most popular, in fact!), but being that we're all about bringing the latest and greatest to you, and hear that households with 2 Xbox 360's are better then those with one, we're now giving you the chance to earn the Elite version featuring a 120gb hard drive, sleek black case, and the HDMI port for Hi-Def gaming.

We know by now you're ready to start working on it, so we'll wrap it up. Head on over to 360elite4free.com and get yours today!

Posted on May 1, 2007 View All Stories