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FYI: TraInn is a nickname for our company combining the first three letters from each name!

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User Site Reviews (56 site reviews)

Review from: Mavis

This site is awesome! Very friendly staff. I will do more business in this site. I recommend TRAINN sites. spread the word! More power and God bless!

Review from: Josh

I would just like to thank you guys for my free gift! It was my first time using the site and i was a bit un-easy but when i got my game today it was great. You guys rock and ill definitely use this site again and again

Review from: Andrew

Hey, I just wanted to show my support for this great site. After approval, I had to wait less than 3 days to receive my $250 PayPal! Thanks a bunch Trainn!

Review from: Dennis

Thanks Trainn for the xbox 360!!! Trainn has the best customer service, excellent websites, and fast processing time!!! Thanks for everything.

Review from: Devang

Thanks a lot TRAINN. TRAINN has the best freebie sites. Excellent customer support, prompt account updates and fantastic selection of items to choose from. I got exactly what I asked for.

Review from: Cad

Thank You Guys So Much For sending my Xbox, My hubby really appreciates it! I love you guys so much!! You guys will always be number one in my book!

Review from: Josh

It's was my second time using the site and it again was a fast reliable service just like it was the first time. Just like your site says i got my Gears Of War game within two weeks of the order.

I'll be using this site for awhile. I all ready have two more items proccessing :)

Thanks again Trainn, you guys rock!

Review from: Patrick

I am so amazed by this site! This is now the FOURTH iPod Video we have received from them! My girlfriend got one, her roommate, myself, and now my mom as well! I must say that I was extremely skeptical at first, but they proved me wrong when they sent me a beautiful new iPod! Anyone who doubts them, give it a try and when you get yours in the mail, you will want to write this email too! PGM, San Diego CA

Review from: Teresa
Site: Various

I wanna thank you for all the gifts you have given me, your company has always been the BEST for me - in terms of the variety of offers to choose from, best customer service, fast payment, crediting and the wide number of sites you have. I have been paid many times from almost all of your sites. Despite the mushrooming of all kinds of gpt and referral sites, nothing beats Transcendent Innovations. You guys rock! Thanks a bunch and more power to you!

Review from: Hernan

You guys rock!!! Great incentives, fast credit, fast shipment and a top notch customer service.

Got me four free 360 games in 30 days... 'nough said :D!

Review from: Rich

It took me five days to finish all my stuff. I'm completely satisfied and I'm telling all my buddies at OWU and at home.

Review from: Jennifer

I want to thank you for your quick response. I received my IPOD Shuffle in less than 2 weeks and it is here in plenty of time to give to my son for Christmas. Thanks Again

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