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I have wanted an Xbox 360 for a while now, but money has been tight this year and with so many other necessities and unplanned expenses, it just hasn’t been possible. A few weeks before Christmas I heard a commercial for a free 360 website, and decided to look into it. I decided on 3604Free.com since Transcendent Innovations seems to have one of the best (if not the best) reputations. Even so, I signed up half expecting that I wouldn’t ever see the reward – but that worst case, I would be out a few bucks and some time. I worked my way through the trial offers fairly quickly, and submitted my order for a $450 gift card on December 12th. I then received an envelope via Priority Mail with Transcendent Innovations on the return address. Not believing the gift card could actually be here already, I ran into the house and ripped it open, and out fell two $225 EBGames gift cards. Later that day I went to EBGames, and took advantage of their after-Christmas special – a premium Xbox 360, product replacement plan and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, for the same price as the system normally costs by itself. I also picked up a second controller – total out of pocket cost for all of this? $35.98. Thanks TraInn! You guys made my Christmas.

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